Low-Rise / Wood Frame / Steel Framing

GOODEVE STRUCTURAL INC. push the envelope in pursuit of innovative engineering solutions to maximize construction efficiency and minimize costs.

Low-Rise / Commercial / Industrial

Low-Rise apartments, commercial and industrial buildings have a somewhat unique characteristic. There are a number of different types of construction that may be suitable for your type of building. Every project is different and at GOODEVE STRUCTURAL INC. we do the upfront work to determine the most effective structure to meet your needs.

Wood Frame Buildings

We have designed many large multi-unit wood frame buildings up to 4 storeys, utilizing wood panel shearwalls to support seismic loads. The superstructure is often transferred through a suspended ground floor concrete slab to accommodate a parking layout in the substructure.

Light Gauge Steel Framing

We have worked with light gauge steel framing to develop designs for apartment and institutional buildings.

Structural Steel Framing

We have designed buildings using conventional structural steel framing with bracing or with open moment frames to suit building layout requirements.